Automatic Nerf Guns


Nerf wars may have started out as a simple battle between two teams but the competitive spirit has extended to video games and Nerf n Strike. This game allows children to practice their strategy skills against a highly realistic and large array of enemy targets. The Nerf n Strike Elite packs a punch. This game is not just for kids; it is for adults and young adults of all ages.

Never Lose Your Automatic Nerf Guns Again

There are three types of automatic nerf guns available to players. There are spring airsoft guns, battery operated automatic ones, and rechargeable automatic ones. Each has its own set of pros and cons, and players need to decide which is right for them. If you are using your airsoft gun at a field or similar situation where you will not be exposed to direct sunlight, the spring type is probably the best option. The spring types tend to be more accurate than the other types, and they require no batteries. They can however, be charged manually if you find yourself in need of additional ammunition.

Battery powered Nerf guns, also known as blasters, are the next best thing to paintball guns when it comes to power and portability. For a short time after the original Nerf burst fire device came onto the market, semi-automatic nerf guns were made. These were similar to automatic ones except for the fact that they required a battery. These were designed to fire off a shot when the trigger was pulled and did not need to be recharged as frequently. Since most semi-automatics fire with a much slower rate than automatic ones, they do require a bit of getting used to. Some of the heavier models can however, fire shots at a Rate of Fire that is equal to that of automatic ones.

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