Bed Bugs Vs Mosquitos: Are They Competing Threats?


With the recent outbreak of malaria and dengue fever there’s been an increase in the number of folks asking the question, what’s better, bed bugs or mosquitoes? In many parts of the US, such as the Midwest, there are entire states devoted to eradicating bed bugs from the landscape; eradicating all bed bugs from the area. Other places, such as Florida, have had serious issues with mosquito issues for quite some time. Here we’ll look at how the two measure up, and compare the toll that pest control takes on the environment along the way. mosquito-borne diseases can still be serious enough to disrupt your normal routine; eliminating these insects can also help save you money in the long run by cutting costs associated with health care. Find out

Bed Bugs Vs mosquitos: Are They Related Or Connected?

The environmental impacts of insect bites can vary depending on where you live. For instance, bed bugs bite during the daytime when it’s hot and comfortable, so those areas where there’s a lot of human activity are going to be more likely to see an increase in bed bugs than places that remain relatively bug-free. Meanwhile, places that remain dry and bug-free will not experience an increase in bed bugs vs mosquito bites. It’s important to note that it’s not just heat and human activity that impact these insects’ exposure, they also feed on blood, and their bites can bring on serious illnesses if left untreated.

There are plenty of reasons why one might want to go the environmentally-friendly route, from saving money on pest control to conserving our natural resources, but we should always remember that bed bugs vs mosquitos aren’t the only consideration. We all need to consider the long term effects of what we plant and harvest in our gardens and yards. While bed bugs vs mosquito bite may seem like a silly debate, it’s actually a critical one that needs to be addressed by everyone involved with any type of landscape or real estate development consulting services.

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