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beehives for sale nz

For beekeepers in New Zealand there is Beehives For Sale NZ edition. It is now possible to raise and sell honey bees and other useful insects in the country. Beekeepers must obtain a licence from the relevant authorities and be registered for the sale of these or their offspring. These can be kept for two years after which they can be sold, but only to an approved dealer.


Beehives for sale can be a great option for those starting out beekeeping who lack the necessary equipment. It is also a good option for beekeepers who have recently moved to a new country. This allows them to raise bees in a safe and controlled environment, giving them the opportunity to establish themselves before moving to a more traditional beekeeping environment. It is an excellent way for experienced beekeepers to introduce their colonies to a more natural environment, whilst giving them a basic starting point on which to build their honey bee colonies. For beginners to beehives for sale NZ, as well as helping to improve your beekeeping skills, they are also very attractive to potential buyers, particularly if you are starting out on a small scale.


The most common type of beehive for sale NZ is the Top Bar Hive. This hive is especially good for starting out beekeepers as it allows queens to enter the hive without causing any damage to the colony. A pair of swabs placed on the bottom of the hive to allow a beginner to detect queen supers and drone larvae. Once these have been detected a beekeeper can take action and remove them before they cause the death of the whole colony.

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