Car Towing Services – Federal Way


Car Tow Service Federal Way | Car towing is a service that is provided for customers all over the United States, yet for towing in the federal government, towing companies have to operate according to the strict guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If a person has a disability that prohibits him/her from being able to drive a car, then he/she can use this service. For example, if a person suffering from arthritis has difficulty walking, he can use a car towing company to move his/her car to an accessible location such as a storage area, a friend’s house or to any other place that he/she can find safe and convenient to be at. Another person who can avail this service is a person who is using a motorized wheelchair. This person can go about his daily activities without having to worry that he/she will not be able to take his/her car to the desired destination.

Car Towing Services – Federal Way

The federal government has made it mandatory for car towing companies to offer services to disabled individuals using manual wheelchairs. This means that all car towing companies must make reasonable accommodations to enable persons in wheelchairs to use their cars. Furthermore, the companies need to provide additional equipment to enable these persons to safely travel with their cars. One such piece of equipment is a ramp or a platform to which a disabled person can step into the car.

There are also people who need to use vehicles like RVs to carry their household items. If a person owns an RV and wants to transport his/her belongings, towing a vehicle using a car towing company must be implemented to ensure safety of the vehicle. The RV towing company should provide steps for allowing the disabled owner to use the vehicle and for the safety of the goods in the vehicle while on transportation. As a disabled person would have difficulty walking around a vehicle with its sides open, a ramp would provide him a more comfortable way to enter the vehicle. The RV towing company should also provide seats that are adjustable to provide greater comfort to a disabled person.

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