Deliver a Corporate Hamper in Style


In Business to Business Homing Service we offer a range of unique services, including corporate hamper delivery New Zealand. We take care of all the logistics involved in corporate hamper delivery from collecting the items, arranging the transport, packing and unpacking at your site of choice, to the delivery of the items to your customer. Our fully staffed office located in Christchurch, New Zealand assists you throughout the whole process. Our experienced and qualified corporate courier drivers offer competitive prices and a variety of on-time delivery options for your business needs. Corporate Hamper Delivery NZ is fully endorsed by the Courier Company of New Zealand (CCOZ), who operate under the Australian Chartered Shipping Association.

corporate hamper delivery nz

Fast-track Your Deliver A Corporate Hamper In Style

When you choose Corporate Hamper Delivery NZ as your preferred method of delivery, you can select from a selection of items to include in your package. These may include promotional items such as promotional pens, desk clocks and letter openers. Other goods that may be included are stationery items such as printers, fax machines and personal digital assistants (PDAs). You can add additional items as required to complete your package, depending on your requirements.

The company’s online courier application enables you to schedule deliveries to your recipient’s location. From there, you will receive confirmation of shipment, as well as an electronic log of the delivery to your recipient. This allows you to monitor the progress of your package, either online or on your mobile phone. Once the item has been received and is collected by your recipient, you will then receive a confirmation that enables you to collect the items yourself from your location, and deliver them to the correct address that you have provided.

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