How to File a Civil Suit for Wrongful Death


If someone dies as the result of another person’s negligence, then they can file a civil suit to get the compensation they deserve. To win a wrongful death lawsuit, survivors must prove that the person or entity responsible for the death breached their duty of care and caused the victim’s Demerath Law Office . The plaintiff must prove this beyond a reasonable doubt to be successful in their case.

Although the damages a family can recover are often economic in nature, there are some additional types of damages that can also be awarded. Pain and suffering damages are meant to reimburse the deceased person for the suffering he or she experienced prior to death. This is often measured by “pre-impact terror,” which refers to the awareness that the victim had of his or her imminent death.

The family of Mr. Cabreja wants to receive compensation for the wrongful death of their family member. A wrongful death suit is less difficult to prove than murder, and the family wants to get some justice for their loss. The family has not responded to questions from the media regarding their decision to file the suit, but they are hopeful that the lawsuit will succeed.

Wrongful death is a tragedy and can be difficult to handle. It can be the result of careless or intentional behavior. The resulting expenses can add up to a stressful situation. A wrongful death lawsuit will not only provide the family with financial compensation, but will also hold the parties responsible for their actions.

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