Review of James Allen Diamonds


James Allen Diamonds is a jewelry company that sells a range of fine diamonds. It has been established since 1976 and is run by the best-known jewellery designer, Jimmy Allen. The company operates two main shops in London as well as one in Bermuda. It also has its own collection of stores across the world. You can buy all kinds of jewelry from diamond stud earrings to cufflinks and watches. Many famous people wear James Allen Diamonds jewelry.

james allen diamonds


James Allen is known to produce diamonds of extraordinary quality. In fact the label says much more than what it actually does. The diamond’s color, carat and clarity are rating using precise system. This ensures that when your diamond piece arrives at the jeweler’s shop, he will be able to assess each of these aspects and recommend a suitable diamond for you.


However, the most important factor in buying jewelry is how comfortable you are with your choice. The value of a diamond is judged by the buyer after comparing different diamonds in the store. A diamond that falls in the mid price range may not be suitable for you if you are looking for something classy. On the other hand, a lower-priced piece may not be suitable if you want something more affordable and not as attractive as a higher priced piece. The same way, a very attractive piece could be out of your reach if you cannot afford to spend too much on your diamond jewellery.

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