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A security guard is someone employed by a private or government agency to protect an employing party’s properties from a wide range of threats by implementing preventative measures in addition to emergency security measures. The main duties of a security guard are to observe and report security risks, to assist in the apprehension and immediate disposal of dangerous people or situations, and to carry out acts of violence in compliance with the law. When an employee is hired to work as a security guard, the contract usually spells out the responsibilities of the individual for each assignment. This contract can be very specific regarding the amount of access that the employee will have to the premises and the frequency of his/her visits; however, there are some general rules of conduct that are generally expected of security guards. The employer should lay down these expectations in writing and the employee should understand and accept them. Click Here –

Security Guards and the Duties and Obligations Related to Gaming Surveillance Officers

Generally, security guards are attached to law enforcement agencies as either a patrol unit or a detail. There are two types of patrol units: closed circuit television (CCTV) and closed circuit video (CCTV). The CCTV security guards are posted at strategic points on behalf of the law enforcement agency. The CCTV security guards are positioned near key entrances to strategic locations that are known to be potential sources of crime. On the other hand, the CCTV patrol guards are posted in conspicuous places inside the property, especially those that are known to have high incidence of crime. In order to complement their regular patrol duties, security guards may also be called to serve at specified times or specified areas within the premises.

When a security guard is working on his regular patrol, he/she will receive specialized training on the kind of crime that occurs in his/her area. He/she will also undergo background screening to determine if he/she is capable of handling a situation that may arise. In addition to this, the security guards are required to be licensed and meet certain qualifications, such as undergoing a psychological examination and undergoing a physical exam before being allowed to work as security guards. Once security guards complete their training and are licensed, they are usually assigned to their first duty station, which could be in the office of the local law enforcement agency or in the local courthouse. Most security guards are then allowed to work independently and are given a patrol car or an unmarked vehicle to transport them around the premises.

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