The Chicago Firework Store


Chicago Firework Store

When planning a party, pyrotechnics, or just looking for a great place to buy fireworks, a trip to the Chicago Fireworks Store may be in order. Open year-round and with extended hours for the holidays, this store sells the latest and greatest in fireworks and pyrotechnics. The vast selection of products will make it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. The store carries over a thousand different items, including hard-to-find pyrotechnics and displays.

Fireworks From A Licensed Store

The Marx Firework Store is a Chicago landmark and features more than 30 different brands. Their website boasts over five million page views and five thousand Facebook fans, making it an excellent place for anyone planning a party. You can bring the kids to this store to watch them watch fireworks, and everyone will have a great time! The Marx Fireworks Store is the premier fireworks store in Chicago, with hundreds of varieties from the top brands in the business.

While the Marx Firework Store opened in 2006, it has since expanded five times. The store has now added more than two acres of fireworks to its showroom. A walk through the store will reveal aisles of colorful display rockets, shells, and high-tech devices. No matter what your budget is, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a cheap fireworks kit or a big display, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at Marx Firework Store.

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