What Are Prevagen Side Effects?


what are prevagen side effects

The company that makes Prevagen is under fire for misleading marketing and failed studies. This drug is also accused of causing memory loss, despite the company’s claims. In addition, the company has admitted to manufacturing the drug with serious quality control problems. Several inspections by the FDA have revealed that Quincy failed to test the drug properly and failed to properly handle complaints. Despite all of this, the drug is still on the market and available in retail stores.

The problem with Prevagen is that it contains a substance called apoaequorin that was discovered in jellyfish back in the 1960s. Apoaequorin is a calcium binding protein that is important for normal brain function and memory. But jellyfish proteins are broken down in the digestive process, and are unlikely to reach brain cells. Several lawsuits have been filed over this controversial product, but the company is determined to fight it by using any means necessary.

As an oral supplement, Prevagen is highly questionable. It must survive digestion and cross the blood-brain barrier, and it must bind to a large calcium molecule in the hippocampus neuron region, which is linked to learning and memory. It is therefore unlikely to have any pharmacological effect unless it has a high bioavailability. It is also unclear whether or not it will cause any side effects.

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