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invisible braces

Invisible braces are the latest trend in straightening your teeth and getting a beautiful smile. They have been around for quite some time, but recent advances in their technology has created many new ways to get the look you want. Invisible braces are usually invisible, making them completely invisible to others, and therefore very popular. There are three different types of invisible braces – clear braces, invisible aligners, or traditional ceramic braces. Each of those teeth straightening solutions is a bit different though.


The kind of invisible braces you get depends on what kind of tooth implant you have as well. Ceramic braces use a thin plastic tube that is inserted through a small incision in the jaw bone and the wires are affixed directly to the front of the bracket. This makes it impossible to see them, so you have to be careful when going in for these kinds of invisible braces. The wires used in this method are typically thinner than traditional braces and the chances of them becoming dislodged are also extremely slim.


The other option available is the clear aligners. Unlike traditional braces, they are not visible, but the wearer can still see where they are by looking at the backside of the bracket. There are also lingual invisible braces – this means that, like traditional braces, they are installed on the front of the teeth but the wires are hidden from sight. The clear aligner is made from a clear plastic tube that slips inside your mouth over the teeth, so that the wires cannot be seen either. If you choose to have these kinds of braces at home treatment is easy – simply place the aligner over your teeth for a few hours each day and you’ll have perfect alignment in just weeks.

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