Women Who Changed the World


Throughout history, many strong women who changed the world have been trailblazers, who broke the rules and made significant contributions to the advance of humankind. These exceptional women often made history by blazing new trails in education, in politics, in art, in sports and in business. Some were known for defending their rights while others were leaders in the movements for social change and civil rights. Some were visionaries whose impact on world events is still being felt today. And many were trailblazers who blaze new paths for women’s rights, women’s leadership and women’s lives. These women have all had to overcome tremendous odds to gain the respect of those around them and to change their own life and the lives of everyone around them for the better.

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One notable woman who made major contributions to the world’s civil rights movement was Anna Hazell Taylor. Anna Hazell Taylor was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and later became a prominent and outspoken advocate for women’s rights. She was a fiery black civil rights activist who spoke out against the brutality of white men in the practice of white collar crime and white terrorism against minorities, including blacks. While an active part of the sit-in movement, which gained popularity with protests against the racial laws and Jim Crow practices of the mid-19th century, she became a well-known and respected leader of the civil rights movement. Her influential work as a writer and speaker helped launch the career of future President Barack Obama.


Another notable women who changed the world by inspiring others was Nobel Prize winner Marla Maples Hara. Born in Chile, she lived and studied in the United States before becoming a renowned author and memoirist. She inspired millions with her book titled “How I Got What I Wanted.” On receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature, she shared her sentiments regarding being a Pakistani woman, as an immigrant, and how her experience in that country helped shape her life and work into a masterpiece of literary merit.

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